South Africa wines article image
We reflect on the role of the wine merchant, the art of tasting, depth of knowledge and a new wave of South African winemakers who are part of a modern approach to winemaking. These are guys who care about terroir but not about the dogma that surrounds it; that show a good terroir is not enough, it matters a lot who makes the wine. (Read more)
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As with the Bordeaux wave through the 1990s and 2000s, collector and investor activity is narrowly focused and ignores the bulk of wines from a region. What we’re now seeing at the top end of Burgundy collecting is more and more wine in ever fewer hands and as a result a much more volatile market. Martin examines Burgundy, what to drink and where else Burg fans can turn their attention. (Read more)
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Lovers of good food and drink don't need to conform, in fact it's generally a bad thing, but as one descends into a world of hedonism it becomes clear that there are, in fact, rules, and they are important. (Read more for Martin’s personal reflections on the impact Anthony Bourdain had on life and food).